Sunday, March 26, 2006

Climate Change Resource Highlights from Harvard

Harvard Medical School has an enormous number of good videos, presentations and links on the topic of climate change. Here is a brief overview of where they can be found. These will pop up from time to time as video of the week or audio of the week on Climate Change Action.

The web pages to these resources are distributed around the not very easy to use website so i have provided direct links below.

Policy Maker Education:(Climate Change Video, Reports and Links)
2005: Policy Maker Education Course
2004: Policy Maker Education Course
2003: Policy Maker Education Course

Congressional Briefings:(Climate Change Video, Reports and Links)
Congressional Briefings Overview (most but not all of the briefings have associated videos)
Congressional Briefing #1 (click on the other titles at the left hand side for more presentations)

A Public Presentation: (Climate Change Video)
Healthy Ocean: Healthy People

Medical School Lectures:(Climate Change Video, Reports and Links)
2006: Med School Lectures
2005: Med School Lectures


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