Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Deutsche Welle Radio

Here are a couple of interesting radio shows about climate change that i found recently, cheers to radio ecoshock for the lead. Deutsche Welle Radio has a load of great environmental news in english, theire site is here and the two shows are 1. here and 2. here.

1. The climate conference in Montreal got underway this week and will continue until December 9th. Meanwhile the European Environment Agency warned this week that Europe is facing the worst climate change in 5,000 years as a result of global warming. The Agency has just published a 5 year assessment of the environment in 31 European countries. Jacqueline McGlade is the Director of the EEA. Helen Seeney asked her for concrete examples of how climate change is affecting Europe.

2. British Prime Minister Tony Blair has launched a new international dialogue to tackle climate change. He chaired a meeting of energy and environment ministers from twenty countries in London earlier this month, which focused on curbing global warming through climate friendly technology such as the use of bio-fuels. The move is seen as a shift away from the approach adopted under the Kyoto Treaty. The treaty imposed targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But, critics say, since the world's biggest polluter – the United States – has not signed up and fast-growing polluters like China and India are exempt, the Kyoto approach has not proved effective. From London, Stephen Beard reports.


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