Sunday, September 04, 2005

Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change

On the 1st-3rd feb 2005 over 200 internationally renowned scientists met in Exeter(UK) at the invite of the British Govornment. The aim of this meeting was to establish with a greter degree of certainty the level of carbon dioxide emmision cuts required to avoid dangerous climate change.

The powerpoint/pdf files of these presentations can be found on at: this site.

I have just found a very interesting series of 6 programs dedicated to this meeting. These are half hour programs of about 25 minutes each. They are from TUC radio .

Opening Address: Professor Stephen Schneider

Show 1 + Associated pdf

Interview with the Director of the British Antarctic Survey
Show 2 + Associated pdf

Global Warming on Greenland
Show 3 + Associated pdf

Possible Collapse of the Gulf Stream
Show 4 + Associated pdf

The Impacts on Oceans and Land
Show 5 + Associated pdf

The Bush Wars on Climate Science
Show 6 + Associated pdf


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