Friday, August 05, 2005

Biomass as a fuel source, climate change mitigation potential.

I can never concentrate on one thing at a time, so I`m currently looking into the UK climate change policy review and biomass. My interest in biomass has resurfaced because of a journal article by a scientist names Pimitel which is receiving a lot of attention, this article rubbishes biofuels. I thought it was time to re-appraise my views on the situation and educated myself. The place I first heard of the the journal article is here . The article can also be accessed at the journal homepage, for 40 dollars! But fortunately a larger review written by the Pimitel is freely available.

I have started reading up on the subject and will be writing a review of the area and my opinion of this recent study. For the moment however I would just like to point out a few of the errors and assumptions in the study, and also to highlight the fact that Europe has a bio-fuels target and the governments all seem to be describing bio-fuels as low carbon, they clearly aren't zero carbon due to transport and fertilizer etc.A detailed response to the work of Pimentel has also been produced by the national biodiesel board, this work is fairly convincing to me but is definitely not removed from vested interest so the search continues.

Sheffield Halam university, provided an overview of theire work to the UK government.
Department for the Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) have a lot of info on the subject including a research page, or two. One of the best independent thinktanks in the UK, the Institute for Public Policy Research, also published a report on the subject of low carbon cars, it compares the advantages of hydrogen/biomass etc.

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