Friday, October 06, 2006

Emissions Trends + The Masterplan

Some months back I produced a report entitled climate change facts and impacts. This report covored two important aspects of climate change: what are the facts about the science and what does this tell us about our need to act?

Since then I have done a lot of reading and a little thinking. One of the questions that Is often asked now is how do we do this, how do we make the transition and what will this low carbon economy look like?

I therefore considered writing a report on just that. It has, however, been bothering me for some time that my knoledge is far from perfect in terms of the details of our current course. I understand where we need to go on emmisions but an uncertain of how much of a leap this is from our current route and what this means for each sector. Where are our biggest challenges.

The lineage that therefore seems most appropriate is:

Climate Change Facts and Impacts.
Details of Current Emission Trends with sectorial/regional breakdown.
Low Carbon Futures.

This represents a journey from a consideration of the reality of climate change to the realisation of its urgency to a contemplation of our current and unsustainable path and the magnitude of our challenge and finally an acceptance of the urgency of revoloutionary technologies, policies and business models.

Why on earth I would mention this plan I have know produce this would take atleast a month if i was briming with energy and had the time. In reality it may well be a long slog.

On the more posotive side the first and complete part of this project has already been downloaded over 2500 times and is now in the hands of several teachers who are putting it to good use.

For the second part of this project, on which i am currently working, the following documents are a significant source of the basic information.

IEA "World Energy Outlook 2004"

BP "Energy Review 2006"

IEA "Key World Energy Stats 2006"

WRI "Climate Data: A Sectoral Perspective"

WBCSD "Pathways to 2050"


At 12:01 PM, Blogger AFishbonespent a few months meditating before saying...

The People Speak is sponsoring a forum where you can ask Richard Moss, Director of the UN Foundation Climate Program, questions about climate change science and the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report. Dr. Moss was the Director of the Technical Support Unit of the IPCC impacts, adaptation, and mitigation working group. He has been a lead author and general editor of several IPCC Assessments, Special Reports, and Technical Papers.

Click on the link below to ask Dr. Moss your question.

The People Speak is a campaign that engages people in critical global issues, such as climate change. Click on for more info.

Follow this link to ask Dr. Moss your question:

At 7:20 PM, Blogger Project OuterHeavensspent a few months meditating before saying...


"You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result." - Mahatma Gandhi

Good Day,

Australia has recently responded in raising the awareness of in the importance of tackling climate change through the program "CoolAid" which has also been featured on TV. Climate change is recognised as one the greatest threat the planet faces. Yet despite this, carbon dioxide emissions have risen recently.

My name is Eric, author and founder of the six year project 'OuterHeavens' ( This project will experiment with the Secret we know that will attract the people who can and want to be part of the event. We believe If you commit yourself to a deep and meaningful goal, when you make the commitment, the world will change. What will people do if we knew what we were capable of? There are people who can, and will make a difference.

The mission of OuterHeavens is to attract like minded people who are ready to use the power of the Secret to change their lives for the better and to achieve the two project goals which are build Universities Specializing in Renewable Energy and Schools Specializing in Accelerated knowledge Transfer.

We would like to share this secret with you in this small ebook, a book of possibilities which you can respond to by contributing your ideas, thoughts, critics, comments and action. The website link can be found here at the following URLs to download the ebook.

Cut and paste to download the ebook:;6868456;;/fileinfo.html or

If you would like to receive the ebook by email, please either reply to this message or email to

Please also share this book with people who are interested in helping stop climate change.
Anything you do, even a reply of support will make a big difference.

For a Better Greener World,
Eric CYS
Author and Founder of Project OuterHeavens
Brisbane, Australia
ebook can be downloaded at:

At 3:22 PM, Blogger BroncoDavespent a few months meditating before saying...

Please go to for the truth. The UN is interested in the collapse of western civilization. It is a stated goal. Kyoto simply makes it palletable

At 10:40 AM, Blogger cubaenergyspent a few months meditating before saying...

hey, sounds like a great plan.

if you ever want to have a conversation with a young researcher actually working with the oil & gas, power, and clean energy industries, and with ideas about how to change it, let me know.

I work at IHS CERA.

ask for Felipe in the cambridge office

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